DAHS ltd Gallery

At DAHS.ltd Gallery, we help our investors and followers to discover new investment opportunities for domestic properties.

The implementation and use of new technologies, allow us provide to all of you in a simple way, some of the most recent opportunities in the real estate market.

We base our research on the area of Manchester and its surroundings, where we believe that there are opportunities for both large investors, and individuals who want to invest their savings for the future.

Characteristic of our research:

Our research is based purely on our online research. We base our calculations on the information that commercial entities such as:




and many more, share for free on their web pages.

Aspects to take into account in our property choice for evaluation.
  1. The number one aspect is the location: the location must include the area of Manchester and nearby towns. According to our business plan, this area will soon become the most sought after cities by national and foreign investors.
  2. Second aspect is the price: The price of the property should not exceed £100,000. This will allow interested parties to reach a potential profit of 13% after the renovation.
  3. Third aspect is precisely the cost of renovation: which must be in the margin in which the final cost, provide potential gains after selling the property.

We hope you enjoy our work.

Remember that whenever you need free evaluation, do not hesitate to contact us: