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The Influence of Social Media in the New Industries.
DAHS Blog Post. Introduction

What are them?

A social network is a website or application that allows users to communicate with each other by posting information, comments, messages, images, videos, etc.

This form of interaction allows the media to reach the public easy and with greater volume.

How do they work?

Within a social platform an individual invites one or more people to share interests, opinions, criteria, celebrations, etc. This new method of interaction aims to group people with similar interests.

Social media strategies

The strategies of social media are based mainly on the acquisition or capture of people who share similar tastes, whether a product, service, passion, desire, etc.

The greater the network and the interaction between its participants, the greater will be the on-line recognition.

DAHS Blog Post. Objectives of social media:

Raise Awareness of Your Brand: When it comes to promoting your brand, social media is an essential tool to achieve such objective. No matter age, sex, religion, or nationality; all people in the civilised world use or used a social media. The study of the Internet and social networks at global level shows that there is 7.349 million people on the planet and 3.419 million have Internet access and 2.307 million regularly use social media.  Also 3.790 million people use a mobile phone and 1.968 million people access social media through them. So, this 21st century trend, will open the door to a new way of marketing and promotion. A new way to reach potential customers, and above all, a new way to grow your business.

So, do not stay behind. Start developing your marketing strategies with the use of social media today!


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