Cleaning Services domestic contract, is all you need to stay free from stress. Our cleaning package is probably the most complete of all the northwest, according to the quality and the most competitive market price.


Cleaning Services domestic contract
What we offer:
  1. 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.
  2. Insurance for up your £5,000,000 compensation.
  3. CRB check (if necessary, terms and conditions apply).
  4. Free products.
  5. Free equipment.
  6. £240 free maintenance labour per year (terms and conditions apply)

Our cleaning Package:

Full spring cleaning services every week. With an average working time of 7 to 8 hour and 2 employees. This mega-contract provides you the following services; even if you use it on a casual week…

Cleaning Services domestic contract

Cleaning Services domestic contract

Floors cleaning:

  1. Laminate flooring, tile or carpet.
  2. Carpet cleaning, care and maintenance every month.
  3. Polished tile floors and laminate.

Kitchens cleaning:

  1. General cleaning
  2. Oven cleaning
  3. Using steam to remove grease from floors and walls (where                    required).

General cleaning bedrooms:

Bathrooms cleaning:

  1. Steam (if required).
  2. Disinfectants treatment (if required).

Window cleaning:

  1. Up to 8 windows, outside and inside.

Cleaning and garden maintenance:

  1. Up to 15 square meters.
  2. Fertiliser application to improve and maintain the grass texture and colour

7 kg everyday clothes:

  1. Washing and ironing (delivered next day)

Cleaning Services domestic contract

We understand that this mega – cleaning package, is not accessible to everyone. For that reason, individualisation of the package is possible. You only have to contact us for free and without further obligation, to receive our best quote according to your needs.

Cleaning Services domestic contract

Package simplification:

  1. Weekly cleaning (with or without laundry).
  2. Window cleaning.
  3. Garden cleaning.
  4. Oven cleaning.

Note: Please note that to have access to the “£240 free maintenance guarantee”, you have to sign up for the all-inclusive package.

So, what are you waiting for! Today is the day of your domestic freedom while Diamond Angel Home Services LTD will solve all your problems. Contact us today!

“For offices, food factory, warehouse, etc., cleaning services, please contact us. Thanks”