Property Cleaning

Full spring cleaning every week. This contract provides the following services…

Property Renovation and Decoration

Maintenance, decoration or renovation on the property has many ups and downs when quality and costs are concerned. Diamond Angel Home Services gives you a 100% satisfaction and up to one year warranty on any work we do…

Cleaning After Construction

We know that each property completed, is special for each customer, so we offer you the most complete service in the market…

competitive price

Competitive Prices

In the last 10 years, prices in the service market have soared. Regardless of the use of new technologies that reduce staff costs and increase the speed and quality of services, it is very difficult to find prices that are affordable for everyone.

But quiet! You are in good hands and your pocket too! Diamond Angel Home Services, offers personalised services to everyone. Our work method allows us to obtain 75% of services requested from our clients.

Personalised Services

Our personalised services (B2B or B2Customers), allow you to cover the needs that your company or your property really needs. No more packages with unnecessary and expensive services. Create your own package and we will offer you the best service at competitive prices

Personalised Services

Next Steps…

Do not be ashamed to be the envy of your friends and neighbours. It’s not your fault that things are working out for you. This is your moment! and you have already given the first and best step of the day, you are with us!

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