In this page you will find some of the most frequent questions that our clients made us...

What are the services that Diamond Angel Home Services ltd offer?

The main services are:
- Cleaning.
- Decor.
- Renewal.
- Construction Management.

But these services are not limited to houses, but also to small businesses.

How long are the renovation projects?

A detailed budget, will give you the possibility to know exactly how long the project will last. but our plan is to complete any renewals in no more than 30 working days

When it begins and how much it can cost a renovation?

The renovation begins as soon as our clients request the service of property review and evaluation of the renovation costs. If the client is satisfied with the investment plan, then proceed to legal matters (purchase of the property) and then with the development of the project.

The cost of the project is determined by the final quality desired. Costs vary from £3 000 for painting and decoration and up to £ 50 000 per open plan and extension.