Cleaning Services: domestic contract

Full spring cleaning services every week. This contract provides the following services:

  • Floors cleaning: Laminate flooring, tile or carpet.

Carpet cleaning, care and maintenance every month.

Polished tile floors and laminate.


  • Kitchens cleaning: General cleaning

Oven cleaning

Using steam to remove grease from floors and walls (where                    required).

  • General cleaning rooms:
  • Bathrooms cleaning: Steam (if required).

Disinfectants treatment (if required).

  • Window cleaning: Up to 8 windows, outside and inside.
  • Cleaning and garden maintenance: Up to 15 square meters

Fertilizer application to improve and maintain           the grass texture and colour

  • 7 kg everyday clothes: Washing and ironing (delivered next day)

“For offices cleaning services, please contact us. Thanks”